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How does Fanasa spoon will help me?

Fanasa spoon is designed to reduce the tremor’s unwanted effect on the eating task. There are motion sensors placed in the spoon handle to detect involuntary movement. This data will be processed in an electronic module. As a result, a stabilizing command will be sent to the mechanical system and one can eat free and independently.

Is the Fanasa spoon the right choice for me?

We mainly designed this spoon for those who have mild to moderate tremors. Some factors like stress, special drugs, or even muscle fatigue can affect output. If you are not aware of your tremor’s type you can take this test to see if the Fanasa spoon will be useful for you. 

How effective is the Fanasa spoon?

According to clinical tests, Fanasa spoon is capable of reducing the tremor’s effect up to 85%. Keep in mind that this number is for groups of people who, due to the type of tremor, the Fanasa spoon is suitable for them. also, the functionality rate can change under the influence of stress, medication, and physical fatigue.

Will using the Fanasa spoon cause harm?

In general, the Fanasa spoon will not pose any risk to any individual, even those patients who have used medication or DBS surgery to control their tremors. There is a small magnet located in the structure, and if you use a cardiac pacemaker or any kind of implantable medical electronic device, follow your device’s directions for use regarding magnets. The standard recommendation is to keep your implantable device at least 6 inches from the Fanasa spoon because it contains small magnets. If you have concerns about your implantable device, consult your healthcare provider.

Where can I download the user guide?

There is a user guide available in your Fanasa spoon box when you buy it. But in any case, if you need it there is an electronic version available at the links below:
user guide-pg1
user guide-pg2

How can I understand that my Fanasa spoon is working?

Fanasa spoon is designed to be easy to use. There is no button available on it to make it on/off. The only thing you need to do is just connect/disconnect the attachment to make the stabilizing handle work. For more information please refer to the user guide.

Keep in mind that not using the Fanasa spoon for 30 minutes will cause the sleep mode to run. For recovering from this state you need just to move the spoon in any direction and it will automatically turn on.

How should I hold the Fanasa spoon in my hand?

We have implemented the best ergonomics design to relieve the limitations. So, it’s up to the user in which way do they want to hold the stabilizing handle. The only thing you need to keep in mind when holding it is that the attachment, the moving part of the spoon, should be able to move freely. We suggest you take the spoon in different ways and let your hand choose the best one. As we have studied in our test a comforting posture will increase the effectiveness.

Is Fanasa spoon water resistant?

The attachment part is designed to be waterproof. You can detach it from the stabilizing handle and wash it. The stabilizing handle itself shouldn’t immerse in water because it would make it non-functional. The stabilizing handle can be cleaned with a sponge or antibacterial wipes. 

In any case, if your spoon handle gets wet, first of all, detach the spoon attachment. Then with the help of a clean sponge dry it. Try not to use your spoon for at least 2 hours. after this time the inner parts may well be dried and you can use it. If there is any problem you can call customer service.

How do I charge my Fanasa Spoon?

When the indicator on the back of your Fanasa spoon turns red, it is time to charge the spoon. To do this, you should disconnect the attachment from the smart handle to turn off the spoon, then charge it with the cable in the box. It could be connected to the mobile charger or the charger of any other electronic device. Approximate charging time will be between 20 to 30 minutes, depending on your charger. When your Fanasa spoon is fully charged, the indicator on the back will turn blue. With each charge, you can use a spoon for almost three to four meals.

Which foods work well with the Fanasa spoon?

Fanasa spoon includes sensitive parts that are prone to damage. So never the spoon should be used to cut meat or pieces of hard food (such as ice cream), Nor try to bend or twist the head of the spoon.

Do I need to care for any special notices about the Fanasa spoon?
  • Stress could inevitably have a negative impact on tremors. It is preferred to first start using the spoon in a private and safe environment with a close relative who gives you a sense of confidence. It may take a few days for you to get used to the spoon, so give yourself time and do not stress.
  • During normal working conditions, the attachment will move freely in relation to the spoon handle. This is an indication that your spoon is trying to neutralize the unintentional movement of the hand.
  • When using the spoon, try to use a larger or deeper container so that you can more easily use the spoon.
How can I buy the Fanasa spoon?

For consulting or ordering the product you can call 09056799303. Our customer service will help you.

Can I buy a Fanasa spoon as a gift?

First of all, we sincerely thank you very much for letting us in the experience of expressing interest to your loved ones and buying the Fanasa spoon as a gift for them. It is necessary to pay attention and observe a few points:

  • Make sure about the type of tremor so that we can determine if the spoon is suitable for him. Consult a specialist if necessary.
  • Before starting to use it, give him the start-up video and user manual to get acquainted with the basics of working with a spoon.
  • Be careful not to force him to use a spoon in front of other friends or crowds for the first time, because his stress will negatively affect the optimal performance of the spoon for him.
  • Since this spoon is a gift, it is necessary to mention that we always put the invoice in the box when sending the package.
  • If for any reason the spoon is not suitable for the person in question, you can return this product by observing the terms of returning the goods.
What is your return policy?

If you have bought the Fanasa spoon less than a week and you’re not satisfied with it, you can call the customer service and take a full refund.

What does the limited warranty cover?

We will cover 6 months of guarantee for Fanasa spoon. During this period if your Fanasa spoon faces a problem or malfunction you could call customer service. Depending on the problem, your product will be repaired or replaced and will be sent to you at no cost.

Please note that damage caused by the following will not be covered by the warranty:

  • submerge the spoon handle into the water
  • Severe strike
  • Putting the product near extreme heat
  • Unpacking the spoon handle

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