Fanasa’s first PD family event!

In June 2019 Fanasa team held its first gathering event for patients with neurological diseases named the Empathy Event. In this event, patients with Parkinson’s disease and their families from different cities of Khorasan province were gathered, forming a special community in which they can share their experiences together.

Fanasa Spoon was introduced to patients and was tested by them in the break time.

Fanasa event

The main programs in this event were a talk on daily problems and solutions for Parkinson’s disease by Dr. Ali Shoeibi, Neurologist, and Parkinson’s disease fellow at UCLA. It continued with a talk by Dr. Rohani, a Physiotherapist who gave many cues and exercises for patients to have easier movements. At last, Mr., Speech therapist, shared his ideas with participants about the disease.

After this event, the loving and encouraging messages which we received from people were far unpredictable and make us more confident about our mission:)


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